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Ethnic Relations & Ethnic Sensitivity

Sephardim in Contemporary Israel: A Sociological Perspective

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: Bat Kol-Jewish Education Guide
  • Published on: Fall-Winter, 1991-1992

More Action on Ethiopian Jews Demanded

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: The Jerusalem Post
  • Published on: December 8, 1988

Zahavi Association of Large Families

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: Echoes
  • Published on: December 1979

Meeting the Challenge

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: The Jewish Quarterly
  • Published on: Winter 1977/1978

Antecedents De Las Relaciones Etnicas Judias En Israel

On the antecedents of Jewish ethnic relations in Israel.

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: Rumbos Journal of Contemporary Judaism
  • Published on: 1982

Helper Preferences of Couples from Ethnically Mixed and Homogeneous Marriages

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: Journal of Comparative Family Studies
  • Published on: Autumn 1992

Ethnic and Minority Groups in Israel: Challenges for Social Work Theory, Value and Practice

Israel is a Western, democratic, pluralistic enclave in the Middle East. Multiple ethnic groups, mass immigration, religious diversity, and the current ethnic dilemmas experienced there provide ample opportunity for study. The social work role in addressing the ethnic and cultural challenges in Israel is discussed without minimizing or reducing the complexity of the issues. A closer examination of social work as a vehicle for ethnic sensitivity and understanding of ethnic diversity is required. Knowing how to work with diverse populations and ethnic conflict is imperative in Israel and elsewhere.

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
  • Published on: March 1995

Division and Unity

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: The United Jewish Appeal
  • Published on: 1976

Disadvantaged Students in Social Work Education

As Chairman of Admissions at the Hebrew University School of Social Work, the author received permission to admit a group of socially and educationally disadvantaged students who did not meet the regular academic criterion for admission. During a four year period, approximately 16% of the incoming classes were “opportunity deprived students”. These students were chosen on the basis of specific social and educational disadvantagement criteria, plus the fact that they had not excelled in the two sole entrance criteria used for all other students, the psychometric exam (like the S.A.T.*) and the average high-school matriculation score.

Once admitted, the disadvantaged students were randomly divided into a control and an experimental group. The experimental group was told about the special Project and offered tutorial help, scholarship assistance, and pocket money in order to help them take advantage of the rare admissions opportunity, and to see whether these benefits made a difference in grades. Control group students were never told about the Project, and to this day believe that they were admitted to the University by regular admissions criteria. Another group, the regular-admissions students, comprised the third comparison group. At the end of their studies the performance of all three groups was compared. Faculty were not told who the disadvantaged students were, so that academic standards would not be influenced one way or the other.

Results showed remarkable coping habits developed by the disadvantaged students, along with academic performance very similar to the regular-admissions students. No significant grade differences were found between the control and experimental groups.

  • Author: Professor Eliezer Jaffe
  • Publication: International Journal of Adolescence and Youth
  • Published on: 1989

Thousands In Jerusalem Slums Neglected In City’s Housing Boom

  • Author: Oswald Johnston
  • Publication: The Sun, Baltimore
  • Published on: March 8, 1971

The Black Panthers Of Israel – Who Are They? Where Are They?

  • Author: Ruth Seligman
  • Publication: Chicago Sentinel
  • Published on: Nov. 2, 1972

Eliezer Jaffe Speaks On The “Other Israel”

  • Author: Robert Markovich
  • Publication: The Jewish Federation Newspaper Of Broome County
  • Published on: May 13, 1979

University deal for the less privileged

  • Author: Haim Shapiro
  • Publication: Jewish Journal
  • Published on: November 10, 1978

Sephardi culture earns rightful place in Israeli society

  • Author: Tamar Kaufman
  • Publication: Sentinel Chicago
  • Published on: July 13, 1978

New Sense of Identity Among Sephardic Jews

  • Author: David Lock
  • Publication: The Long Island Jewish World
  • Published on: November 6, 1984

Academic Leadership From The Heads Of The Development Towns And Distressed Areas In Israel

  • Author: The Sephardi Department, World Zionist Organization
  • Publication: Echoes - A Journal of the Sephardi Department of the W.Z.O.
  • Published on: 1980

More than 500 grants worth IL 1.5 million distributed by Jerusalem Sephardi Council

  • Author: Yosef ben Eliahu
  • Publication: The Jerusalem Sephardi Council Annual Report
  • Published on: 1981

H.U. quota for disadvantaged social work students doubled

  • Author: Haim Shapiro
  • Publication: The Jerusalem Post
  • Published on: October 27, 1978

Professor speaks about ethnic problems in Israel

  • Author: Jeanne O'Brien
  • Publication: The Daily Targum
  • Published on: Thursday, November 8, 1984

Models of Israeli Social Analysis

  • Author: Eliezer D. Jaffe and Steve Zipperstein
  • Publication: The Journal of Jewish Communal Service
  • Published on: Fall 1981